Kiara Redmond

Kiara Redmond is the CEO, Founder of Kiara Redmond Realty Group. She is also a native here in Atlanta, Ga and is on the Atlanta Board of Realtors. She served in the military for four years and worked in health care for 12 years prior to starting her real estate career. She has always been very passionate about helping others and starting her real estate career back in 2017 has allowed her to help families all over Georgia!


great customer service to her customers/clients and will always strive to satisfy them and build a longterm relationship. You will never have to wait hours to get a call back from her, she will either pick up on the first ring or call you back within minutes. She also works very closely with those that are currently in the military or were prior military and will use their VA loan, as she is a veteran of the United States Army. It is her mission to help families all over Georgia buy and sell real estate. She is also what we like to call “an investors go to” when it comes to buying investment property in Atlanta. Being a native gives her a higher advantage over other agents that don’t know the area or areas as well. She will find you a great investment property and calculate an ARV for you, if necessary. With her being a member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors, it holds her to a higher standard than just a regular licensed real estate agent, you want to be sure you hire a Realtor and not just an agent when you start this process. It is Kiara’s pleasure to help make this process smooth and seamless for each client, no matter what your budget is, all while offering top of the line customer service and satisfaction. She looks forward to working with each of you in the near future!